Corporate Policies

Quality Policy

The Company's Management policy follows the establishment and maintenance of high-quality standards in the way of operation and services offered in health sector. Company's policy regarding Quality focuses its services to meet relevant pre-defined specifications in relation to the current Greek legislation, regulations of the European Union, codes of conduct, circulars, and general instructions of operation. Special care is also taken in the handling of any kind of personal data, so that there is no unauthorized person access to such critical data or possible leakage of personal data.

The primary goal is the compliance of its services with the quality requirements of its customers, the observance of the contractual implementation schedules and the optimization of the financial result.

Objectives of quality monitored at regular intervals include:

• Full compliance with the legislative and regulatory requirements concerning the company operation
• Elimination of non-compliances and customer complaints
• Improvement of services quality
• Sales increase with quality criteria 
• Reliability in services and products offered
• Achievement of increased customer satisfaction
• Protection of staff from Covid by taking organizational, environmental measures and providing personal protective equipment
• Compliance with the Collective Alternative Management System (CMS) of EEAA for the contribution to the recycling of packaging
• Data security management system

The quality policy is implemented through the Quality Management System that meets the requirements of the International Quality Standards ISO 9001:2015, ISO13485:2016 and the ministerial decision on “Principles and Guidelines for Good Distribution Practice of Medical Devices” DY8d GP/oik/1348/04 and is in accordance with the commonly accepted business practices, covering the whole range of the Company's activities and its relationships with customers.

The Company's Management is committed to securing all the resources that are necessary to achieve its goals. The Company's staff is also committed to performing its duties in accordance with the requirements of the Quality Management System. Through the continuous observance of the relevant procedures and the processing of the conclusions, a review and evaluation of the efficiency and effectiveness of the Quality Management System is achieved. The continuous improvement of Quality in all activities and by all employees is considered an integral part of the business planning of the Company and its organizational goals.

Regarding the protection from Covid-19, the company has taken all necessary organizational and environmental measures, inform the staff about the personal hygiene measures and provide personal protective equipment recommended by EODY and the competent bodies. 

Organizational Measures

• The company recommends gradual attendance at workplaces to avoid overcrowding.
• Provides working distance shapes depending on where this is possible.
• Installed of plexi-glass in shared office spaces 
• Avoids all forms of events and gatherings with visitors from abroad or external partners
• Avoids gatherings of people and recommends that collaborations be carried out in communication through email, video conference. 
• Recommends maintaining a safe distance of 2 meters using a protective mask. 
• Runs internal rapid tests for all staff twice a week

Personal protection measures

• Provides the appropriate personal protective equipment and educates employees for their safe use.
• Provides the appropriate means of cleaning and disinfection of offices
• Provides antiseptic solutions at company entrances, exits and public areas also individually for each employee.
• Recommends avoiding consuming any kind of food in the workplace except the dining areas with the presence of 1 to 2 people at most.

Environmental measures

• Controls the spread by ensuring adequate ventilation of workplaces and regular maintenance of ventilation-air conditioning systems.
• Takes care of the daily cleaning of workspaces and desktops, devices and objects used (knobs, switches, telephones, keyboards, etc.).
• Applies spray disinfection by specialized personnel equipped with the appropriate resources.
• Procured special bins where disposable personal protective equipment (PPE), wipes, handkerchiefs used to disinfect surfaces or objects in the workplace should be disposed of.

The Quality Manager has clear jurisdiction and organizational freedom to identify quality problems, to introduce, recommend or offer solutions and to confirm the implementation of solutions, to continuously improve the efficiency of the System and to communicate at all levels operating the above policy of the Company.

The above policy is reviewed based on the conclusions drawn.
    The General Manager